Greetings! This is my online space to publish semi-academic and scholarly articles, thoughts, and blurbs. A place to share some of my ideas and works-in-progress.

My name is Paul Barrett. I am a Communication Instructor with the Engineering Communication Program at the University of Toronto. In ECP I teach technical and professional writing, professional presentation, critical thinking, forms of argumentation, an a range of other things. I recently completed my PhD in English at Queen’s University. My dissertation was a study of black diasporic writer in Canada with a particular focus on Dionne Brand, Austin Clarke, and Tessa McWatt. This dissertation has been transformed into a manuscript entitled Blackening Canada: Diasporic Double-Consciousness and Canadian Multiculturalism. The manuscript is under contract with University of Toronto Press.

I am interested in questions of race in Canada, particularly the manner in which Canadian multiculturalism seems to paradoxically efface race from the national discourse while simultaneously providing a vocabulary to insist on the importance of race within Canada’s national imaginary.

I am also interested in new forms of textuality. I have published articles on videogames, and am working on articles on the musical form of the mashup, and the connections between game theory and postmodern texts. I hope that this blog becomes a place where I can develop some of these ideas and share my work.


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